Early Life
Michael Max Reinhardt (A.K.A. Mike Reinhardt) was born in Los Angeles, Ca. in 1938. He is the grandson of the theatre and motion picture director Max Reinhardt. His father, Wolfgang was also a film producer and screenwriter, his mother, Lally an artist. Michael is the oldest of three children. Their home was in Santa Monica, California where he attended Santa Monica High School.

Munich and Paris 1953-1970
In 1953 he moved with his family to Munich, Germany where he graduated from the Luitpold Gymnasium in 1959 obtaining the German Abitur (International Baccalaureate). He went on to attend law school in Aix en Provence, France and received his French law degree in 1964. The following year, he moved to Paris where he joined a French law firm while working on his doctorate. In 1967 he was hired to help run the French model agency, Dorian Leigh. It was during this time that he became fascinated with taking pictures and grew to be close friends with photographer Louis Faurer who had seen some of his early images and encouraged him to take up photography professionally. Faurer and, to some extent Robert Frank with whom he also became acquainted at the time, later became his mentors. Subsequently, known as Mike Reinhardt, his career as a fashion photographer began in Paris, France where his reputation steadily grew and he worked for such publications as Vingt Ans, Elle, Marie Claire, Jardin des Modes, and Vogue

New York 1970-2003
In 1970 he returned to the United States and decided to establish himself in New York where he moved into an artists Studio in Carnegie Hall. At that time a number of fashion photographers from Paris also sought to settle in New York and in the fashion business they were known collectively as “The French Connection”. Reinhardt remained in New York for over thirty years where he shot for amongst many others, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, The New York Times, Life, Esquire, Sports Illustrated, Revlon, Max Factor Este Lauder, l’Oreal, Calvin Klein and Bloomingdales

Los Angeles 2003- Present
In 2003 Reinhardt retired from the fashion business and returned to Los Angeles. He has three children and lives in Pacific Palisades with his wife, Tammi and their youngest son Max. His fashion assignments led him to travel extensively and while on location he regularly took pictures of what caught his eye. This body of work resulted in a wide-ranging collection of photo reportage images a number of which appear in a book published in 2014, “My Road Home”. Reinhardt now continues to work on various photography and art-related projects and he and his eldest son Sandro own Cheebo, a restaurant on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.